Action Potential


"In the greater Colorado Springs and Pueblo area Transit Mix Concrete has 12 locations. We have been using Action Potential Physical Therapy for over 13 years now. The reason we use them exclusively is the high quality outcome we have in returning our valued employees to their pre-accident condition. They always communicate with the affected employee, physicians and our company in a timely and complete manner. Our best testament to their professional staff is that a very large number of our employees chose to use Action Potential for themselves and their families for their own health (non work related) issues requiring physical therapy." "If anyone would like to talk to me about Action Potential, I would be more than happy to visit with you about the reasons for our complete satisfaction with our long term relationship concerning this very professional organization."  
Larry D. Bayerkohler, Transit Mix Concrete
"In my 30 year career as a collegiate and professional strength and conditioning coach I have had the occasion to work in close contact with many rehabilitation professionals. Not one of those individuals though highly trained and experienced, could offer the expertise, ability and even gift of the insight into identifying and treating the problem like Phil Plante. In many cases the symptoms are treated and the pain is addressed while the underlying problem is not discovered. I have watched Phil address the symptoms and almost magically find the underlying problem in order to create a long term plan of relief for the pain and discomfort. I have recommended Phil to friends, clients and colleagues as well as family members and continue to do so to this day. He is simply one of the best I have witnessed."
Robb Rogers
"I have practiced general internal medicine in Colorado Springs for 20 years. In internal medicine, we see plenty of patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems, and refer quite a few of them for physical therapy. The physical therapists at Action Potential Physical Therapy provide the best possible care for my patients. I have referred a wide variety of people to them, from 20 year old national class athletes to 90 year-olds that use a walker and/or wheelchair, and have also seen them for my own injuries. Their outcomes are excellent and patient satisfaction with their care is high."
James Kinsman, III, M.D., Colorado Springs Internal Medicine
"We value the professional and quality care our patients receive at Action Potential."
Michael Brown, M.D., Colorado Springs Neurological Associates
"I had an ORIF injury surgery on February 23, 2011. On April 4, 2011, I began physical therapy at Action Potential. This was my first time with an injury and physical therapy. Dr. Waskow sent me. Now, after seven months, me elbow is better than I could have expected. This result is entirely due to the incredible professionals who not only used their skills to help me, but taught and encouraged my participation in my treatment. If I had to have this experience, Action Potential is the best place to be for physical therapy."
Elizabeth Morrison