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Hand Therapy is the art and science of rehabilitation of the upper extremity of the human body. Action Potential Physical Therapy provides specialty hand therapy services delivered by occupational therapists that are Board Certified in Hand Therapy and have direct experience in hand rehabilitation.

At Action Potential Physical Therapy our licensed physical therapists provide a specific type of hands-on-care known as orthopaedic manual physical therapy.

An ergonomic assessment is an evaluation to determine if a work station is appropriately set up for an individual to be able to work at their most optimal level throughout the day. In addition to looking at the work station, our therapists review job tasks and how they are performed.

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) consists of an evaluation which documents the patient’s current ability to perform work from a physical, medical, behavioral, and ergonomic perspective.

Kinesiology Taping is a modality or method using elastic tape to assist in reduction of pain as well as assist with increasing functional range of motion to most body parts.  Kinesiology tape was developed roughly 35 years ago by Japanese Chiropractor Kenso Kase.

We Provide Lower Back Pain Rehabilitation Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Our licensed physical therapists at Action Potential Physical Therapy have over 20 years experience and look forward to addressing your specific pediatric orthopaedic needs with our physical rehabilitation services.

Action Potential Physical Therapy uses an orthopaedic manual therapy approach in evaluating and treating the neck, thoracic and lumbar spine. Our “hands on” techniques are beneficial in the treatment of acute (new), chronic (long term), pre-surgical or post-surgical problems.

Action Potential Physical Therapy provides comprehensive sports medicine rehabilitation for all types of athletes. Many of our therapists have competed and worked in sports at the highest levels and know what it takes to get you back in the game.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) can result in mild facial discomfort to incapacitating facial, headache, neck, ear, and occasional top of the shoulder pain. Most patients will notice a clicking or grinding in the jaw joint with or without pain upon opening and/or closing of the mouth.

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a specific type of therapy that is designed to reduce dizziness, improve balance, and improve the general quality of life in patients with vestibular dysfunction.

Women are unique. They have special needs which require special treatment. At Action Potential Physical Therapy, our licensed physical therapists are trained in addressing women's issues and providing the unique treatment that women require and deserve. All treatments are provided in an inviting and private setting.

Our skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary staff offer a comprehensive work injury management program for our referring physicians, employers, claims managers, and nurse case managers.

Our mission is to assure that we provide all patients with the highest quality physical and hand therapy in order to achieve the best possible clinical outcome, and to assure that care is delivered in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner.