Action Potential

Jacob Losse

Jacob Losse, PT, DPT practices at the Security / Fountain location of Action Potential Physical Therapy.  Jacob earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Exercise earned from Virginia Tech.  In addition to his formal education, Jacob has a diverse background in fitness and coaching; he is a certified Crossfit Level 1 instructor, has worked as a fitness personal trainer, and has coached both wrestling and track.

Jacob’s approach to patient care is the integration of his education and training combined with his passionate commitment to excellence.  An Eagle Scout, a collegiate athlete, and a former high school teacher, he has a proven track record of embodying the belief that ‘dedication to a goal and continual hard work’ is the key to success.  Applied to his physical therapy practice, he works tirelessly with his patients and uses every tool available including corrective and therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques ad neuromuscular re-education. Each day he strives to help patients return to the things that are most meaningful in their lives, whether it’s gardening, running a 5k, or being able to lift a grandchild.   

In his free time, Jacob enjoys hiking and backpacking, lifting weights, and Crossfit. When not on the move, he relishes reading a good fiction novel.